Appoint dedicated bid-writers

Appoint dedicated bid-writers

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A model used a lot in the USA, universities appoint teams of bid-writing specialists who, familiar with different research bodies’ requirements and forms and systems, and experienced in writing and winning bids, translate funding academics’ bid ideas into application which stand more chance of being successful.

This would free academics from navigating different and unfamiliar systems and bodies; the time that goes into writing funding bids can then be better used. It would build a base of bid-writing/ fund seeking expertise (and usually success) which will help the university to enhance its research profile.

2 comments on “Appoint dedicated bid-writers

  1. peter

    Hi Alex – this is something GRE is working on.. The newly appointed GRE research services staff will be able to provide proactive assistance around requirements of funders, provision of “standard text”, help with peer review etc, but for significant bids additional support might be appropriate.

  2. as23

    If it works, it sounds potentially good, although we’d need clear guidelines on what they can and can’t do, lead-times, etc. as I am assuming they can’t work miracles 72 hours before a deadline, especially for opportunities where the university is putting in multiple bids to the same scheme. Is there strong evidence that proposals written by bid-writers have higher chances of success than proposals written by academics who are experts in the research area? Is this true for all research schemes equally?

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