Have a one week break in the middle of each term

Have a one week break in the middle of each term

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Currently, both students and staff go through 12 (or 13) week long terms without any break. This is very tiring for students who cannot get time to take some rest, visit their family and complete their mid-term assignments in a stress-free environment. Students are so tired at the end of the term (and they have to complete their assignments/exams). This is also very tiring for teachers who do not have the opportunity to take some rest and find energy for the rest of term. Lastly, this is tiring for other staff who support both students and staff: so many requests every day. Hence, it would be a good idea to include a one-week break in the middle of each term.

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  1. Anonymous commenter
    Name withheld

    For instance, assign university-wide self-study/reading weeks in both terms (maybe that coincide with school half terms), and encourage people to try out innovative teaching practices for those weeks (flipped classroom, projects, site visits etc)

  2. migfarinas

    A half term break would seem useful but different boroughs have different weeks. Currently course leaders can decide the weeks they want to run classes and thus they can build in their own gap weeks to suit the study pattern, assessment and half-term breaks

  3. spofficebusiness

    This seems like a good idea, but we also need to consider the effect this will have on contact time between students and teaching staff. This could have some unintended consequences.

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