Impact – what is it and how to generate it

Impact – what is it and how to generate it



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Funders have very stringent requirements what our research and enterprise endeavours show ‘impact’. This is often poorly understood.

What style of workshops or event would you find most useful to disseminate guidance on impact and how this is evidenced?

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  1. as23

    At an ECR event a few years ago we had a really good workshop about this, involving identifying the type of research, the initial outputs, how that could affect society/policy/etc. and then discussing the pathway to get there. Also, talks/workshops with people who had high-rated REF Impact Case studies (both within UoG and perhaps external people across a range of disciplines, especially ones where impact isn’t immediately obvious). Perhaps a networking – speed-dating? – session with the types of people who can help you achieve impact: industry, communications, media, policymakers/politicians, NGOs?

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