Training for Dissertation Write Up

Training for Dissertation Write Up

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Writing a dissertation is much different than an undergraduate or masters thesis and it would be helpful if there was some training on how to structure the sections.  I think it would be beneficial to organize a course, similar to what has been done with the TLA and research STRAND 1 and 2 courses.  My idea would be that it would be a course taken in the second year and potentially broken down into 4-6 sessions. Topics could include information on differences between the literature review in a dissertation vs a thesis, how to structure and break up sections, what needs to be included in the methodology chapter, formal structure of a PhD dissertation (table of contents and other pieces that are not typically included in an undergraduate/masters thesis).  This course could also be spread out over the entire second year as a way to help reach incremental goals and draft pieces of write up as the topics are covered.

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  1. as23

    I think this will be useful for many students, but it needs to make sure it isn’t one-size-fits-all. Some students will produce a “traditional” thesis perhaps including a general methods chapter; for others, chapters that essentially resemble journal articles will be more appropriate. Needs to be given by someone familiar with UoG thesis requirements/rules as students will have many “technical” questions. Agree with Peter that the supervisor should be helping with this from early in the PhD too.

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